Earth, music, family & friend community, plant, tree, food… medicine. Over 10 grams of beautiful herbs blended for pleasure, healing, and sharing. Thank you for breathing deep and releasing your intentions into the ethers.

Sage - energy clearing, relaxant, cold remedy

Marshmallow root - mild expectorant

Spearmint - mood enhancer, clean flavor

Raspberry leaf - pain relief, sedative, muscle relaxant, neutralizes effect of nicotine

Lavender - anti-anxiety, soothes nervous system, anti-inflammatory, pain relief

Mullein - soothing to enflamed lungs, lung cleansing

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Clarity never tasted better. Over 10 grams of herb mix formulated to clear your lungs and enhance your presence. Created with the intention to be a cigarette replacement.

Cloves - spicy taste, anti-inflammatory

Coltsfoot - an expectorant, clears phlegm and throat soreness

Lobelia - a mild muscle relaxer, stimulates body’s natural clearing of the lungs

Mullein - soothing to enflamed lungs

Peppermint - clears lungs and respiratory passages

Marjoram - sweet taste, anti-spasmodic

Comic Clarity smoke mix includes a free music download - click the Love Music tab to learn more


Enhance the sensual. Over 10 grams of pleasure.

Damiana - mild aphrodisiac
Sage - energy clearing, relaxant
Blue Lotus - calming, euphoric
Motherwort - libido boosting, heart strengthening
Lobelia - muscle relaxant
Raspberry - pain relief
Peppermint - improves blood circulation, relaxes nerves


Enjoy this cosmic blend of heart-centered energy. over 8 grams of awesome.

Spearmint - mood enhancer, great flavor
Sage - relaxant, cold remedy
Lemongrass - brain function optimization, stress relief
Marshmallow - expectorant
Rose - rejuvenating, heart-opening
Mullein - lung cleansing


Dive into earthy bliss and deep release. over 8 grams of yum.

Rose - comforting, heart-opening
Damiana - relaxant, mild aphrodisiac
Skullcap - anti-anxiety, sedative
Lobelia - muscle relaxant
Sage - relaxant, cold remedy
Mugwort - induces lucid dreaming, pain relief
Marshmallow - expectorant
Raspberry - sedative, muscle relaxant
Mullein - lung cleansing